Colorful Modern Pixar Office Designs

funny pixar cartoon character

Funny! That is the main expression from us if we are looking down into the whole application stuff that uses by the colorful Pixar office designs. The funny side of this office is come from the main design of the cartoon character of this office include with the interior application of the office. The clean and comfortable space of this office is embracing almost the whole side of this office. If we are come into this office, our first space is the front office that is completes by the comfy black waiting room. The waiting room is show the minimalist concept because the designer uses the black sofa as the main furniture to fill out here. That is one of the recommendations for us to make our office space show the modern and minimal combination in one office room.
Almost the whole funny Pixar cartoon character is places here and we can see how real they are. Probably several character from this office is our imaginative character. We can allowed our kids to come to this office too so that they can get more imagination about cartoon and the imagination of creativity. Improve our kids’ creativity can be start from these modern cartoon office plans, am I right? [via]

comfy black waiting room

modern cartoon office plans

chocolate pixar corridor ideas

colorful pixar office designs

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