Colorful Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Colorful Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Playing with Colorful Interior Designs

When you move into a new apartment, it lacks that feeling of domesticity. The blank walls, the stark boxy rooms, and the lack of color are all reminders that there is nothing personal about this new stomping ground. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try looking at your new place as a blank canvas just waiting for your personal touch to make it special – to make it home.

Embrace Color

In many apartments, landlords will not allow tenants to add color to the walls or make changes to the flooring. Choosing an accent color and using it throughout your apartment will not only help your apartment flow but it will make it appear larger. Area rugs can be eye-catching. Make sure your area rug coordinates with the rest of your décor. Smaller rooms will need smaller area rugs. Larger rugs can overwhelm the space.

Create a Warm and Inviting Space

While you want to choose one color as your accent, keep the rest of your colors light and neutral. This color scheme will make your new place seem warm and cozy. Letting in natural light with soft window treatments will instantly make your apartment brighter with very little expense. Using the right mirror in a prime position will work wonders. Position the mirror across from a window to help reflect the natural light making your space feel bigger and more inviting.


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