Club Med Boutique


Ariel Rojo & Avril Daniel Cravioto projected the new boutique for Club Med Mexico located on one of the most prestigious avenues in Mexico City.

Here is the project description & info:

Designed by Ariel Rojo and Avril Daniel Cravioto
Team, Ariel Rojo, Avril Daniel, Jose de la O.

The project was divided in 3 zones: façade, boutique and corporate offices. The façade was an original idea of Ariel Rojo Design Studio. For its realization the first step was to analyze the actual space considering the location and urban context. One of the main objectives was to make the boutique stand out as there is intense pedestrian and car transit; however it had to respect both the community and the area.

An enormous net of plants covers the upper part of the facade generating this way a spectacular marquee full of texture. This marquee opens an invitation to visit the boutique after discovering the name of Club Med floating over the lush green surface. The main architectural elements of the facade are the plants marquee, the wood path, the floor of pebbles and the showcase. The combination of the three natural elements make the building stand out from the rest of the urban scenario and immediately carry the visitor into a vacation scene making them feel comfortably pleased and far, far, away from the city. The path of wood has a symbolic target: to transport the public from the noisy streets to this world of leisure. The pebbles remind us the tranquility of the Zen gardens and the oriental culture.

The interior design of the shop obeys mainly to an existent layout that can be appreciated in the Champs Elysées shop. Despite this, the design of the furniture and accessories were redefined making them suit best the local context and space. The main elements of the interior space are the reception desk, the waiting area, and the personal attention tables which are three desks separated visually between them by large thread-curtains that fall as cascades from the luminous ceiling. The floor is blue as a pool, giving the space a fresh, cool and comfortable atmosphere.

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