Clean White Apartment Decorating Idea for Small Apartment Design

modern small apartment layout

Catch up this modern small apartment layout and feel how the small space can be look so neat and decorative. The designer of this space was decorate this apartment in diligent arrangement and tries to put the ornaments and stuff in appropriate space. We can see from the small living room plans that integrated with the white functional space idea. this space was decorate for both living room and reading room, the dining space also complete this space so that this space was very attractive and decorative since the designer have to manage the whole stuff in one space. Close to the functional space, we will get a black and white kitchen tile that completed small kitchen design decoration. Those decorations give different accent for the small space to look large and have extra dimension. Other space from this apartment was design for two spaces. Those are the bathroom and bed room. The space saving bathroom design was designed with standing shower and bathtub furniture. Last comfortable space that located close to bathroom space was the clean bed room décor.

small living room plans

white functional space idea

clean bed room decor

space saving bathroom design

black and white kitchen tile

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