Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach


Paul Burnham Architects Pty Ltd designed Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach, the third of the quirky and family friendly Clancy’s Fish Pubs in Perth, Western Australia.

Here is the project description:

The project was the theatrical transformation of a former restaurant building located on the sand dunes at the popular City Beach. The owners took possession of the former restaurant building in late November 2010.

To bring about the earliest possible relaunch within the remaining Perth summer, the new works were limited to the main restaurant interior. The design intention was to effect the most complete and dramatic transformation of the space and create a new fresh, Clancy’s style, family friendly atmosphere, appropriate to it’s unique beachside setting.

The makeover was completed in the first week of January 2011.

The high raking ceiling was painted out in a dark charcoal colour and the expansive volume was filled with twelve new oversized purposefullly designed, brightly coloured and whimsical fabric chandeliers.

The works include multicoloured timber slatted chairs, bright eclectic furniture and even beach towels. The new interiors rely on an explosion of flamboyant colours and curiosity.

Theatre set construction consultants, Plumb Construction also contributed sea anemone lamps, fish hook shades and various wall and floor graphics.

The success of the design relied on achieving a striking and inspired interior which would appeal to a broad demographic, especially inclusive of beach goers and families. The space is designed to convey a sense of fun and to engage the customers in a carnival of whimsy and colour.

Clancy’s Fish Bar is a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is somewhere to walk into straight off the beach for a plate of fish & chips and an ice cold beer – very Australian.




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