City Hall Transformation


CSAR Architecture transformed an old city hall of the village of Noordwijkerhout, which also had been used as a bank, into one big family house.

Here is the project description:

The inside was completely stripped before rebuilding it. In the back façade new glass sliding doors have been installed as well as a roof light, so that a nice, bright dining room could be created. In one part of the house the floor had been lowered to create an extra layer. This floor has now been removed and replaced on the original level, so that the stained glass windows can be seen in the kitchen. These windows give a really nice reflection of the light into the ground floor, were there is partly a white PU floor. The other part of the living room has a wooden floor (oak planks).

In the middle of the ground floor, in the centre between the living room, kitchen and hallway, there’s a big staircase made out of oak. It is a big volume, with the stairs curved out of it. It provides also space for storage and build in equipment of the kitchen. In the same material a build in closet with TV and a kitchen bar have been made.

On the first floor, there are three rooms for the children. These rooms have a lot of character because of the roof shape that is visible in all of the rooms. There’s a separate bathroom for the children tiled with slate stone. The master bedroom also has a private bathroom.

The outside has been renovated. The brickwork had probably been damaged, because the whole façade was painted in a brickwork color. This didn’t look nice, so the façade has now been painted in a dark grey. Because of the dark color, the old sandstone ornaments stand out.

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