City Apartment Upside Down


This luxurious city apartment is designed by COEN! to create a harmonious whole. A perfect combination of robust, warm and pure materials like wood, stone, glass and marmoleum. The use of sober colors with colorful accents make it a timeless and stylish residential.

All the furniture, colors and materials are well thought combined by COEN!. If there was a piece of furniture not exactly suitable for this place, COEN! made a design and had it produced. For example the grey furniture in the studio, bed, the bamboo bathroom furniture and the high gloss white cupboards in the living are designs by COEN!

Art brings color in this sober but warm apartment. Works of Bert Vredegoor, Margriet Smulders, Erwin Olaf and off course work from Coen van Ham himself (Testbeeld ́, situated in the design studio) have all the attention they need because of the serene surroundings.

Special about this project is that the apartment is designed ́upside down ́: the design studio is placed on the ground floor, the sleeping rooms on the first stock and the living with a beautiful view on top of this.

The apartment is situated in the Medina Building by the London architect Neave Brown. On top of each apartment is a garden terrace. A hanging garden. This makes the building a green paradise in the heart of the city and makes the apartment really a house upside down!

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