Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas Ornament Crafts1

Buy Character Photo Craft Kit

Character Photo Craft Kit

These self adhesive foam piece characters are easy to make, and are excellent gifts for wallflowers to grab attention on special occasions. They come is 6 styles and have slots for displaying photographs.

When there is fun and fiesta of Christmas, you simply cannot resist decorating your homes with marvelous Christmas ornament crafts. Check these bags of joy to make your kids fall head over heels!


Christmas Ornament Crafts2

Buy Mice Foam Craft Kit

Mice Foam Craft Kit

This army of 12 mice waits with bells on to liven up the festive spirit of your kids. They come in 3 unique models and have prepossessing looks to decorate your Christmas trees and tables.

Christmas Ornament Crafts3

Buy Christmas Character Photo Frame Kit

Christmas Character Photo Frame Kit

This Christmas ornament crafts kit is yet another set which is duck soup for your kids to assemble. These 12 characters have opening to personalize the craft with your kids’ photos.

Christmas Ornament Crafts4

Buy Snowman Snowflake Craft Kit

Snowman Snowflake Craft Kit

Get your children involved in Christmas decoration with these easy to assemble Christmas ornament crafts. Your kids will have pure fun assembling these 12 snowman snowflakes which you can hang in your homes.

Christmas Ornament Crafts5

Buy Christmas Spider

Christmas Spider

Even if arachnids give you creeps, these spiders are a class-act of their own with unmatched beauty. Put these beautifully designed eight-legged creatures on your Christmas trees, they won’t mind it.

Christmas Ornament Crafts6

Buy Magic Color Scratch Christmas tree

Magic Color Scratch Christmas tree

This kit of 24 Christmas ornament crafts is here to develop your family teamwork in your Christmas decoration. All, your kids have to do is scratch them and voila a colorful tree appears magically, just hang them where you wish.

Christmas Ornament Crafts7

Buy Snowman with Guitar

Snowman with Guitar

No celebration is complete without music! Get this self adhesive 4 inch x 3 inch kit of 3 snowmen, all gleefully and in high spirits with guitars on them. Let them add euphoria to your Christmas decoration and make your kids hum a joyous song.

Christmas Ornament Crafts8

Buy Felt Ornament, Holiday Trio

Felt Ornament, Holiday Trio

For those looking to decorate their trees or gifts with 3D effect, this felt craft kit which makes 3 characters is bound to match your expectations. It comes with all the accessories, and assembling them is easy as taking candy from a child.

Christmas Ornament Crafts9

Buy Big Head Gingerbread Ornament Craft

Big Head Gingerbread Ornament Craft

Engross your kids and yourself in creative decoration with these Christmas ornament crafts kits. They come with self adhesive foams and other materials which you put together to make 12 jubilant gingerbread men and female characters.

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