Camping Service Area by Archea Associati


The San Vicezo Camping, designed by Archea Associati, is located in an area of particular landscape prestige in the Etruscan coast, Italy.

The project planned for the area includes large green spaces, plots for tents and bungalows, group spaces for recreation, sports and gathering and service spaces to offer its guests comfortable stays.

Archea Associati organizes functional spaces in a design inspired by single-cell marine organisms with circular shapes. It organizer the campground in different clusters, in a system of exterior and interior spaces that seems to have been shaped by the wind and the sand.

Like the shapes, the colors and materials that define the edges of the main volumes are borrowed from the natural surroundings, like the faded ochre of the bamboo canes that interact with the color and vertical extension of the ancient pine trees, decking the exterior and interior walls with a luminous, lightweight quality. The ceiling, also finished in bamboo, is pierced by skylights defined by the sun that subtly lights the interiors, highlighting small green oases.

The architecture is almost primitive, as simple as it is sophisticated in its attention to details. At night, the architecture changes its image without altering it, becoming a diaphanous partition of color and light vibrations.

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