Caffe La Roccia


STUDIOUNODESIGN created a new concept behind the design of Caffe La Roccia, was born from the desire to rediscover the ancient traditions of coffee and bring back the authenticity of flavors and where the objective is to provide a service to adapt to your customer needs him into a trip out from everyday life.

In just 15 square meters, the restaurant is the result of the encounter between tradition and innovation. Where the forms and materials look to a conceptual design and modern furnishings and decor, lamps Liberty, chairs and tables from the early ’90, to recall the past, giving the room a warmer atmosphere.

The perfect touch and extreme quality will be the presence of books to consult, and the creation of various cultural activities such as music, theatrical performances, lectures, tastings, to make Caffe La Roccia is a sort of “Literary Cafe”, a great place carve out for yourself and relax in the company, a vibrant meeting place for cultural exchange and food and wine.

At Caffe La Roccia you will be able to stop for eating tasty dishes and rediscovering the authentic flavors, or spend some time enjoying a quiet afternoon in absolute perfect coffee, chocolate, or choose from a fine selection of teas, tea and herbal teas.

The drink, leisure time, is full of tempting tastes accompanied by a generous wine list. A valuable alternative to traditional bar!

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