Black Modular House


A-cero architecture studio, directed by Joaquin Torres introduces a modular architecture product in the market, based on the principles of the Industrialized Construction.

Here is the rest of the project description:

Applying same standardization procedures to the construction, modularity, technology, quality control and time spaces that are applied to other many fields of human activity. The most evident example being the production of automobiles, with already more than one century of expositions of chain production by Henry Ford.

Benefiting from the same advantages, with production in factory and assembly on development plot, less time and more specialized labour, increase the results as far as quality and price, not comparable with the final product of traditional construction, demanding greater control in the initial phases of design, since absolutely everything must be designed and controlled beforehand, place for improvisation being non existent.

A-cero’s bet for Industrialized Construction being, initially two models of house with two and three bedrooms with an extremely fitted cost and final price will be developed, very special attention is taken care of with the distribution and the inhabitable spaces.

Sign to the previous being, initiation of the construction of two pilot homes with the simultaneous study of several orders.

A-cero will also offer the possibility of having these houses totally decorated and equipped, in the same way you would receive a boat.

As an example, you could own an 82 square meter house for 69.000€ or fully decorated and equipped for 85.000€, possible financing via mortgage loans in the same way as if it were a traditional development.

To mention by Joaquin Torres, that this system is not exclusive for residential construction, but that it could also be applied to different typology of construction such as; schools, offices, retirement homes or student residences.

With this challenge A-cero intends to popularize design and constructive quality in architecture, searching for design architecture affordable to anyone not relegated to cultural and economic elite.

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