Belly Cabinet-Decorative Wall Cabinet Furniture by Laurens van Wieringen

modern wall furniture storage

This modern wall furniture storage designed for those who love in fashion furniture and wanted to try something new. The red color system of this wall unit will embrace and give full or spirit passion for the energetic generation, but for those who love in style this furniture will show their sexy personality. The most outstanding side of this furniture was the shape of this wall unit. These unique belly cabinet designs were design to stuck on the wall and the cabinet system of this furniture was complete with several drawer cabinet systems. The half round shape of this furniture make us easy to place and put this furniture based on our pleasure and needs. Other shape of these red cabinet decor ideas will give free space to place our vase or other decoration on the top of the wall cabinet. The designer Laurens van Wieringen was thought on both style and function of this furniture so that we will be satisfaction trough this furniture. As your first experience, you were allowed to see these several decorative wall cabinet pictures.

decorative wall cabinet pictures

unique belly cabinet designs

red cabinet decor ideas

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    Who would have guest that such a high style chair could be used outdoors.

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