Beautiful Wooden Beach House Designs with Neatly Imaginations Constructions

elegant beach house designs

Look at this contemporary wooden beach house and see how three of concrete, wooden, and glass material being integrate and combine in one residence. Through the front gate of this house we can see the combination between wood and concrete material while we were come into this house and see the terrace space we will see the great architectural of glass and concrete material. Close with the hillside of this house was provided a terrace space with beachside landscaping. The glowing romantic living room in this residence also uses the glass and concrete material and we can see the wave of the sea here. Next room was the beautiful panoramic bedroom imaginations that use three of the main material in this house. Pretty combination of glass and wood can be seen on huge window system while concrete material was use as the strength material for the glass window system. Completed with neatly indoor garden images that place on the backside of this house, we can see a modern sculpture fulfill this green space. The minimal seaside interior planer of this home was places on the staircase construction of this residence. The nice open landscaping inspirations and practical seaside home constructions of this home were places on these elegant beach house designs.[via]

glowing romantic living room

nice open landscaping inspirations

neatly indoor garden images

beautiful panoramic bedroom imaginations

minimal seaside interior planer

contemporary wooden beach house

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