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Show Off your Masterpiece with Unique & Creative Flooring

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Flooring. Your home is your masterpiece; your walls, floors and your rooms are your canvas. You have the liberty to design it with your unique and brilliant creativity. Whatever suits your style, your preferences and your personality is welcome and you can get as creative as you want to. Do you want to do something unique and unusual with your home? Afraid it might raise too many eyebrows. Well, these ho ...

Amici Bar and Restaurant

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Interior Design. D-evo Design Studio designed the Amici Bar and Restaurant located in the city of Zamalek, in the Cairo, Egypt. While designing the space, a major factor influenced the team’s thinking process. Trying to solve the 80 square meter rectangular floor plan, the designers decided to turn a layout imperfection into an intimate trendy nightspot. The dedicated design approach required Rami Makram a ...
Have You Lived in a Tree House Lately(1)

Have You Lived in a Tree Lately?

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Interior Design, treehouse. Whether you are looking for a safe place for the kids to hang out all summer or just need a relaxing retreat with a great view, try thinking outside the box… or just outside for that matter! Treehouses are quickly gaining in popularity and they range from blocky to circular and simple to complex.  Here are a few treehouse designs to give you some inspiration: A treehouse is a dwelling that e ...
Smart Staircase Designs Create Elegant Functionality(1)

Smart Staircase Designs Create Elegant Functionality

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Architecture, Interior Design.

Architectural design can generate a visually stunning home. And how a home is composed in terms of aesthetics can alter a person’s emotional response. A house with each room compartmentalized into a small space can cause a claustrophobic feeling. But an open floor plan brings a warm, communal atmosphere.

Finding the proper balance between a visually appealing open space and tot ...