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Freshen up your Home and Garden with Modern Planters1

Freshen up your Home and Garden with Modern Planters

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home décor. Open the doors of your home to the serene ambience and vibrant colors of plants and flowers. Using creative planters to add a dash of delight to your home will keep you in close contact with nature and keep that spark of freshness alive in your home always. Green is known to be a calming color and it can be used in various ways to soothe your senses and spread a relaxing ambience at home. Use d ...

Raiffeisen Bank

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Interior Design. NAU designed the new bank in Zurich for Raiffeisen dissolving traditional barriers between customer and employee, creating a new type of “open bank”, a space of encounter. Advanced technologies make banking infrastructure largely invisible; employees access terminals concealed in furniture elements, while a robotic retrieva ...

The Folly Restaurant

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Interior Design. The Folly is a unique restaurant in the city center of London where flowerpots are used as chip bowls and lampshades, you find growing herbs on your table, a garden lounge and a flower shop. This restaurant is a splendid example of what makes a venue memorable rather than just superficially impressive. There’s a decid ...

First Photographs of Hong Kong Exhibition

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Interior Design. Design Systems Ltd. created a theme that intends to deliver a closely-intertwined retrospection of both Hong Kong photography and architecture. Project description: As the opening exhibition of the Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010, the “First Photographs of Hong Kong” Exhibition, held at the Former Central Police Station Compound, presents a hundred of old photos of Hong Kong, which hav ...

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