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House in Las Rozas

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Architecture. A-cero designed a new house in Las Rozas using a set of volumes and sheets combined as a perfect play that mixes the limits between art and architecture. Here is the project description: According to A-cero aesthetics, modern projecting, blocks and plates define the design of ...

The Salad Shop

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Interior Design. Asylum designed this new fast-food / ready-to-go restaurant in Singapore with a slogan that reads “for herbivores, carnivores and everything else in-between”. Animal silhouettes created as the core design language reflects the bran philosophy. Passersby outside the restaur ...

B8 House

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Architecture. 56.02 Architects designed the B8 House located in an area characterized for strong winds that run through the pacific coast. Here is the project description: All the “wet” areas and the BBQ are condensed in a one wall that runs through the entire south facade, this decision helped to create more flexible spaces. One of the main goals was to expand ...

Concrete House II

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Architecture. A-cero designed a big single-family house with a 1.600 square meter built surface in the outskirts of Madrid. Here is the project description: The first sensation that this house produces when people go into the plot is that the building seems to be hidden between concrete wa ...

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