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House Equanimity

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Architecture. Architect Joseph N. Biondo designed a house with a high dedication to details, surfaces and playing between indoor and outdoor spaces. Situated in a typical nondescript subdivision of Eastern Pennsylvania, the house is surrounded by other single-family houses of all shapes and sizes. The primary building materials, site poured concrete and various concrete products, ...

Junquillos Chapel

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Architecture. Claudio Baladron & Diego Grass designed a new chapel for 100 people in the remote countryside of Southern Chile. The chapel is made with a wooden barn structure over a concrete platform, with corrugated metal cladding in the outside and pine boards in the inside, plus 100 chairs, lectern, altar, virgin figure and a cross. Originally Posted On

Lakeside House

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Architecture. NOW Office designed the Lakeside house as a place to meet and spend time together for a multigenerational family. The plan investigates how architecture can be actively used by the inhabitants to moderate between a collective experience and individual privacy. All specific, functional ...