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Pure Groove by threefoldarchitects

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Interior Design. threefoldarchitects designed the new shop and offices for Pure Groove Records in London.

V House by Katja Nagy

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Architecture. Located in Bad Fischau, Austria, the single house projected by Katja Nagy enjoys from an upper living area with lake views. The house is a homogeneous volume made from a single material for the facade and the roof, minimizing the house exterior. Inside de house, the upper level englobes the living area and the kitchen, while in the basement we find the bedrooms. The ...

Bahia Azul House by Cecilia Puga

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Architecture. Cecilia Puga designed this unusual house located in Los Vilos, Chile, overlooking the sea. The structure is about three monolithic containers of simple bay in reinforced concrete were designed with a layout of perforations in series, in which repetition and intervals allowed for versatility. A spiral staircase made of prefabricated cement was incorporated to vertical ...