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Aesthetic Granite and Marble Sink Ideas for the Home1

Aesthetic Granite and Marble Sink Ideas for the Home

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Interior Design. Stones of the land have found their place in the world in so many ways. A product of the earth and its processes, stone has become a part of creating homes to live in. While some may prefer stones of a more expensive kind (the kind to place on a finger or around the neck), others make use of stone to create works of art in designing a home. Granite and marble sinks have come to be popularly use ...

Carvari Shoe Bar

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Interior Design. Studio Belenko designed this original shoe store with a new concept showroom. Project description: Shoes bar is a concept showroom for Luciano Carvari (Ukrainian shoes brand, which produce and sell it’s own shoes and assecories). It has a monocolor scheme underlined by black steel details and expressive huge penda ...

Lounge Bar

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Interior Design. Jean de Lessard designed and clarifies the dim, chaotic space of a bar that has been in existence for more than 20 years. Very economically, the designer successfully weds exuberance and intimacy, clean lines and friendliness. Project description: To update a space that was both cramped and cold, the senior designer, Jea ...
Apartment, Penthouse, Square One

Apartment AC

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Interior Design. Square One designed the interior of a top floor apartment resulting on one big open living space, four rooms and two bathrooms. Projecto description: In most of the interior refitting cases of a top floor apartment, the starting point is a compartmentalized space, and the result – an open space. However, in this cas ...

Can Fogarada

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Interior Design. Miel Arquitectos redesigned the interior of a rural house in Mallorca. Project description: Can Fogarada is an exercise of dialog between the layers of time that have been settling throughout 300 years and that have managed to form this rural Mallorquin house. The presence of new inhabitants its announced throu ...

S Cube Chalet

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Architecture. AGi Architects designed this family house made up of three intertwined beach houses. The owners -two brothers and their sister each with their own families- want to continue enjoying the same exceptional environment in which they grew up, but with complete independency and privacy from each other. For these reasons, the d ...

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