Artistic Wooden Lamp Shade Designs with Chocolate Shading Lights

applicative wooden lamp shade

This uniquely home lighting system will be a great lamp shade for our home space and become the main attention in our home space. The unique and the material system that use to make these home lighting fixtures will be a different attention for our home. There were several design of this lamp shade that we can choose and we can apply for certain room or space in our home. This cone style hanging lamp shade say for example, can be use as the night lamp for our bedroom space or as the hanging lamp in our dining room. We can combine more than one cone wooden hanging lamp for our dining room so that the lights will be brighter.
The natural material of this lamp shade combine with the carving application on the shade will make our home space look contemporary style. It’s not a big wrong if we are applying and place this lamp shade for our home space. The applicative wooden lamp shade in this lamp shade series was completed with the carving furnishing so that the artistic look of this lamp can be seen from the layouts of the carved decoration. The artistic lamp shade layouts of this lamp were perfectly showed by chocolate carving style lighting fixtures.[via]

artistic lamp shade layouts

chocolate carving style lighting fixtures

cone style hanging lamp shade

uniquely home lighting system

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