Artistic Bathroom Washbasin Design with Batik Pattern

minimalist black and white basin

UNESCO stated “Batik is one of the heritages from Indonesia”. Started from that moment, people all around the world now know that batik is belong to Indonesia. Batik as one of a heritage and a symbol of Indonesian culture are going famous day by day. As one of the impact of UNESCO statement, this batik bathroom washbasin design is a real contemplation of batik shock. The design is completely beautiful and the combination between the bathroom appliance and the main design of the batik is blended nicely. Those who are looking for a new implementation of an Indonesian batik, they can try to have one of this beautiful washbasin batik pattern collection. [via]

floral bathroom appliance inspiration

beautiful washbasin batik pattern

Event the furnishing of this bathroom washbasin is inspire from batik but, the main spirit of this bathroom appliance is modern. The modern bathroom washbasin design that we can see in this batik bathroom washbasin design is from the main design of the basin. The basin is totally showing the minimal design. The shiny and artistic landscape of this bathroom appliance will complete our bathroom space and support us to show off.

artistic washbasin decor ideas

modern bathroom washbasin design

Next thing is the minimalist black and white basin and the pattern of this stuff is floral bathroom appliance inspiration. There is so many inspiring designs from batik pattern but, the designer chooses this pattern since the pattern is totally humble and down to earth. The nice combination of design and color tone of this stuff will beautify our bathroom space and let our guest know our style. So guys, don’t waste the time. Let’s move and looking for this batik bathroom washbasin design .

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