Apartment Transformation


CSAR Architecture tranformed a former family home into a loft apartment located in Amsterdam. The identity of the existing house has been the inspiration for the transformation, redesign the existing house with almost the same program but keep it more spacious. The original details has been kept in the facade and is mixed with a modern style interior fitting.

Project description:

In the centre of the house where is the minimum of daylight we planned the functional spaces of the program. The kitchen, toilet and shower are situated in this central zone of the floor plan. To show the contrast between the original building and the new interior fitting, this central zone is made more expressive by lowering the ceiling and using glass tiles as well on this ceiling as the walls and floor.

By transforming this family home into a modern loft apartment it fits well in the new identity of the area “de Pijp” in the city of Amsterdam. Formerly a working class quarter built to ease the overpopulated Jordaan in the 19 th century and to house labourers, de Pijp as we Amsterdammers know it today is without doubt a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Thanks to previous settlers such as Heijermans, De Haan, Bordewijk, Mondriaan and scores of students in search of a cheap room to rent, de Pijp continues to breathe life as the lively bohemian district known as the Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter). The young, old, students, artists, and families have all chosen to make de Pijp their home, and far removed from the hustle and bustle of central Amsterdam, this homely alternative is appealing.

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