Amici Bar and Restaurant


D-evo Design Studio designed the Amici Bar and Restaurant located in the city of Zamalek, in the Cairo, Egypt.

While designing the space, a major factor influenced the team’s thinking process. Trying to solve the 80 square meter rectangular floor plan, the designers decided to turn a layout imperfection into an intimate trendy nightspot.

The dedicated design approach required Rami Makram and Mohamed Farouk to embrace the challenge; as a result they chose to emphasize the depth of the space by conveniently accentuating the linear volume with a shutter-like wood wall cladding. The feature is cleverly sparked off with an indirect lighting effect, which creates an inviting atmosphere by mixing warm light with wood.

Overall, the warm color palette contributes to the sophisticated yet young design scheme. Opposite to the dining-like set-up, Amici features an oversized counter that serves as a bar area. Highlighted with a fluorescent green color and a retro graphic pattern, the bar adds a more casual feel to the space and acts as a focal gathering point that can easily accommodate a large group.





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