Amazing Australian Home Designs with High Exposure Constructions

amazing australian residence designs

The comfy Australian architectural ideas that we can see through these landscaping was a result of smart imagination of the designer and the brilliant concept of the architecture. The main construction of this building was tried to combine both green living ideas with futuristic project of a living space. The green ideas of this house were places on the unique concrete stone combinations and green and clean home exterior project. Both of those spaces were clearly use the green plants and the stone material that try to cover the house space. Stone and plants combination in this residence was covered the exterior landscaping of this house building. The minimal home interior plans of this house were maximize with the using of glass material. It was support the theme of sustainable. The high exposure country residence constructions were give large look of this house. Huge and high landscaping for a residence become necessary if we want to make our house look larger and higher than the real size. Looking up these amazing Australian residence designs and we will see the most attractive space from this house; the romantic home landscaping imaginations.[via]

unique concrete stone combinations

romantic home landscaping imaginations

comfy australian architectural ideas

minimal home interior plans

green and clean home exterior project

high exposure country residence constructions

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