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Della Valle Bernheimer designed a fitness center with a diverse entertainment program located on the third floor of a residential tower in Brooklyn.

Here is the project description:

Located on the third floor of a residential tower, this amenity space combines a fitness center with a diverse entertainment program including screening room, gaming area, and demonstration kitchen. The boundary between these two programs is defined by a folded ceiling/wall covered in a metallic, patterned paper. This luminous patterned surface intersects the residential corridor to form the entrance.

Once inside, the origami-like surface creates a canopy over the central lounge space. Programmed blocks bookend the ceiling to form smaller scales of gathering space – a custom reception desk, a library, and an intimate TV room. The walls peel back for entry to the gym and screening room. These rooms are characterized by deep grey tones and punctuated lighting.

In contrast to these cool, dark exercise rooms, the opposing rooms by the terraces embrace the warmth of the adjacent outdoor space. A low wall of bamboo on the terraces surrounds exterior lounges and creates a backdrop for the interior lounge space. Here in the lounge, the canopy of the metal ceiling terminates by folding downward to form a sweeping bench and bar for this central gathering space for the residents of the building.

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