7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies1

Buy Infant Gobbler Costume

InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Gobbler Costume

This cute little Baby Gobbler costume is all you need this Halloween for your baby! This adorable little bird costume will be perfect for your little child. And without a doubt, your baby will be the cutest bird in the world that day!

Halloween for parents is one of the busiest times of the year. Preparation, candies, costumes, decorating; there’s so much to do!

But it is also the most fun time to see everybody dress up and celebrate! Adults, youth, kids and toddlers alike; everybody has their share of sugar and fun! But the most adorable of all are the cute little babies dressed up for Halloween!

Wondering what to dress your little angel up as? 

Don’t worry, here’s a list of ideas just for you.




7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies2

Buy Infant Monkey Costume

InCharacter Infant Monkey Costume

The only thing that is cuter than an actual baby monkey is a human baby dressed as a monkey! This adorable outfit makes those rosy cheeks a little more pink and the world so much cuter!

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies3

Buy Big Bad Wolf Costume

Toddler Big Bad Wolf Costume

This Bad Baby Wolf costume is so cute and adorable that it almost feels wrong calling it bad! This adaptation from the Little Red Riding Hood will make for a wonderful Halloween costume for your baby this year.

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies4

Buy Infant Lobster Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lobster Costume

A baby dressed like a lobster makes all the other lobsters in the sea look bad! How cute do those little hands look sticking out of the lobster’s claws?

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies5

Buy Superhero Squad Hulk Infant Costume

Disguise Marvels Superhero Squad Hulk Infant Costume

The Hulk is this incredibly strong superhuman with mindboggling physical abilities. His strength and power can withstand an army of men. So this makes for a perfect Halloween costume for your baby. The only difference would be that your baby’s superpower will be superhuman cuteness that even an army wouldn’t stand against!

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies6

Buy InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot

InCharacter Costumes, LLC What A Hoot

Owls are night creatures; so are most babies. Owls have big eyes; so do babies. Owls are incredibly cute; so are babies. Still wondering why to get this costume for Halloween? This owl costume makes for a perfect pick, and what’s more? Your baby would look even more adorable in this lovely little costume.

7 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies7

Buy InCharacter Costumes, LLC Cap'n Stinker

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Cap'n Stinker

This is possibly the cutest pirate costume ever! Get this Cap’N Stinker Halloween costume for your little baby and let it rule! Nobody except your baby can look that adorable in a bandana. So this Halloween, get this sweet little Pirate outfit for your baby. Hurry up and grab them before they’re gone! You surely would want your baby to look achingly cute in any of these outfits this Halloween! So, get them today.

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