3 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

3 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about ghosts, skulls and bloody gore.  This holiday presents you with the perfect opportunity to instill happy memories in your children about family traditions.  Since decorating doesn’t come naturally to everyone, we’ve got three easy ways for you to decorate your home for Halloween.


Decorative Halloween Pumpkins

Did you know that Halloween pumpkins are supposed to symbolize the need for protection from evil things?  Place pumpkins in random places throughout your home and yard to bring the festivities of fall to your family, even as you safeguard your home from all things evil.


Halloweenie Throw Pillows

If you’re not up to changing all your hanging pictures and replacing all your live plants with dead twigs, try throwing a few orange and black pillows on the couch and the beds in your home.  Not only do you bring in the spirit of Halloween, you also offer a comfortable place for the ghosts and goblins to lay their heads after a long night of trick or treating.


Halloween-Style Plates and House Ware

Bring out the special dishes and glasses for fall and Halloween.  Serve dinner from a pumpkin bowl, or buy those shot glasses with skulls you saw at the store last week.  Having special dishes for each holiday gives you an easy way to bring the spirit of the holiday without a whole lot of fuss.  Make sure to put your dishes away when the holiday ends to make it even more special for your children.


With the help of inexpensive pumpkins, a few throw pillows and some new plates and utensils, your house is ready for Halloween in just a few minutes.

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