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stripe line apartment decor

Crazy Stripe Line Apartment Interior Décor of Fashion Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier

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Apartment, Interior Design. The design of this crazy apartment decorating idea was come from the bored though of a professional fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The decoration that uses to build this space was design in line that corporate one and other. The color application that uses to build this stripe line apartment decor was the combination of blue and black. Those color decoration will bring new decoration idea th ...
high tree house plans

The Froschkönig Modern Eco Friendly Tree House Design by Baumraum

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Home Design. These modern tree house pictures were designed by Baumraum. The concept was tried to give personal space for both relax and get closer with the natural space. The design was look like a tube but the concept was place in horizontal shape so inside space of this trees house was completed with the bed set and the comfortable reading ...
black sun shade plans

Shade Sail Modern Outdoor Furniture Design Idea by All Shade Solutions

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Garden Decor & Furniture. These black sun shade plans by All Shade Solutions was design for those who love to give calm and indulgence space from their outdoor space. The design and concept of this home appliance was as the stuff that can be replaceable. Clearly we can see that the functional shade decor idea can be buil ...
comfortable seating fixtures plans

Velice Lounge Contemporary Wooden Furniture Designs for Outdoor Garden Decoration by DesignKoalition

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Furniture. Catch up this decorative lounge decor idea by DesignKoalition was presented for those who love to stay longer in outdoor space and enjoy their day in outside space of the home. The design was use round shape, but the decoration was apply with the up side that will save us from the direct sun lighting. Using soft fabric mat ...
leather sectional furniture plans

Sabi Modern Contemporary Outdoor Sectional Sofa Designs by Paola Lenti

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Living Room Furniture. The leather sectional furniture plans from this furniture will give us a great appearance since the design was clearly shows off the familiar ambience for us. The comfortable style can be feeling from both construction and material that use to cover the seating side of this furniture decoration. Clearly we can see that this furniture was applying the rattan outdoor furniture décor as the construc ...