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Luxury Home Interior Design and Decorating Idea by SHH Architect

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Interior Design. These elegant home decorating ideas by SHH Architect was giving us several inspiration decorations. Here we can see that the decorating idea was not only for living room but also for complete room such as home theater and family room. The outstanding and fabulous look from this idea will bring us to get a deep relaxation feeling. T ...
contemporary free standing bathtub designs

Arne Contemporary Free Standing Bathtub Design from Rapsel

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Bathroom Design. This unique bathroom furniture idea from Rapsel was perfectly presented for those who love in new look and get perfect harmony in both bathroom decoration and furniture arrangements. The design of this bathroom furniture was design in unique side since the designer was tried to bring new design in simple bathroom decoration. Clearl ...
decorative lighting fixtures design

Unique Sectional Pendant Lamp Design by Ji Young Shon

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Decorative Lighting. This sectional lamps design idea that called as Stand ¼ Lights by Ji Young Shon was diligently design from simple ceramic material. The line that hold the whole shape of this lighting will bring new decoration since the shape of this home appliance was not complete. Trough the first impression of this lighting we will see that ...
bright glass door ideas

Modern Shower Wall Radiator with Glass Door Décor Idea from Vismaravetro

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Home Accessories. The futuristic wall radiator plans from this bathroom decorating ideas was designed for those who want to get both heat and functional side from one decoration. The main function of this stuff was design to give heat atmosphere for the user, but since the placement of this stuff was design in bathroom so that we will get two beneficial sides here. First as the heating system and the second was the ...
colorful lamp shade decor

Noa Modern Translucent Glass Lamp Designs from Lucente

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Decorative Lighting. The modern lighting fixtures idea from Lucente will try to give new look and lighting decoration for our home. The design was inspired from bubble shape and the color application was inspired from fashionable personality. Except shows fashionable personality, this stuff shows stylish look also. Trough one portable lamp we can get ...