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cozy dining chair designs

Modern Cozy Transparent Dining Chair Design from Pedrali Manufacture

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Furniture. Complete your dining space trough applies these modern transparent dining chairs by Marco Piva Studio. Those layout designs were complete both modern and function side of the furniture. The light of weight material that tries to apply on this furniture will give different look. Obviously we can see that the transparent side of the furni ...
modern coffee table design

Modern Glass Coffee Table by Jason Horvath

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Furniture. This decorative glass coffee table furniture will completes your space trough both design and decoration of this furniture. Actually, the designer Jason Horvath already thought both functional and decorative side of this furniture. Both of that combination will give special look for your space decoration. Using modern material, this metal coffee table construction completed with metallic color sys ...
decorative seating collection design

Contemporary Seating Collection Design-New Fergana Serie from Moroso

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Living Room Furniture. This contemporary Moroso Furniture collection was called as New Fergana series was inspired from morocco culture. The pattern of the fabric painting and the grey color system of this furniture will give both comfortable and charm feeling when we were sit in. check out more details of this simple modern furniture decor that apply with the sectional design. The combination of soft fabric with the wo ...
unique bedside table designs

Modern Bedside Cabinets and Bedside Table Designs from Porro Furniture

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Furniture. This contemporary bedside table plans was inspired from the stack design of boxes. The abstract design of this furniture was give extraordinary placement for our stuff. The most interesting thing from this furniture was the extraordinary shape that looks like a group of box. If we see the details of this furniture, we will see that these round white bedside tables was combine with open plan cabine ...
PIQUE house architecture ideas

Modern Garren Residence in Oregon

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Architecture, Modern and Luxury. Complete your wild house imagination trough these PIQUE house architecture ideas. The urban side that completes this house was designed to combine with the natural space that surrounds this house. Use the natural materials, this modern house by PIQUE Architect will bring you to the real experience of natural living con ...