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green eco friendly prefab house

Green Prefab and Eco Friendly House Designs in Washington

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Interior Design. This green eco friendly prefab house by Method Homes is located in the heart forest of Washington. The whole design of this house will remind us with the simple living and enjoy the live as a gift. The simple decoration combine with the green concept of this house will give different look of a house designs. When we come to this house, we will welcomed by a clear functional open plan space that co ...
2010 living room decorations

2010 Futuristic Interior Designs and Decorations Ideas

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Interior Design. Complete this year with these 2010 living room decorations by Former. The colorful color system of this space will remind us with both stylish and fashionable generations. The simple arrangement of the ornaments will give as a free expression to show off our personality and style. Other space inspiration design is a contemporary dining space plans that complete ...
single family house design

Luxury Beach House Design Ideas for Single Family – BDA Architects

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Home Design, Interior Design. This latest single family house décor from BDA architect was very simple and stylish. See the front layout of this house and see how the surface layout of this house was very awesome and beautiful the white gate was perfectly combined with the white fence and green garden design. Go on to the inside of this house we will welcome by mode ...
unique pilotto house pictures

Stylish Pilotto House Design in Pongau, Austria

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Architecture. Designed by LP Architektur, this unique pilotto house pictures is located in Austria. The modern side of this house was deigned to be combine with the simple arrangement of the furniture. The whole layout of this house can be seen clearly since this house was applying glass as the additional material that supports this house ...
contemporary wooden shelf furniture

Wooden Boa Shelf Furniture Designs by Tuyo Design Studio

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Furniture. Special for young and energetic generations, these unique boa shelf ideas will give different arrangements for your stuff. See the details of this furniture and catch up how the unique design can be integrated with the natural material such as wood and leather. This wooden and leather shelf integrity from Tuyo Design Studio shows the extraord ...